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House Call Service

House call appointments have re-started!

We schedule house call appointments on Fridays. To request a house call appointment for your cat, please fill out our house call request form or call our office at 614-486-7877.

Why House Calls?

Let’s face it – most cats hate going to the vet. They seem to sense you just thinking the word and magically disappear to the furthest recesses of the house. You then have to find them, corral them, load them into the carrier, and take them to a place with strange noises and smells. Let’s not forget the dreaded car ride, during which they often make noises you never knew a cat could make and/or eliminate on themselves due to nerves or motion sickness. It’s no wonder going to the vet can be a very stressful experience for both cat and owner. Luckily, house call visits eliminate almost all of these stressful factors for you and your kitties. They get to have the same high-quality, professional veterinary care in their secure and comfortable home environment and you don’t have to worry about transporting them anywhere!

Cat Vet in Columbus - Why House Calls?
Cat Vet - Cat Services at Home

What kind of services can you perform in my home?

We can perform any services that can be performed in a veterinary clinic as long as they do not require general anesthesia. Reasons for home visits include:

Wellness Care and Vaccinations – Our veterinarian will perform a thorough physical exam on your kitty and take the time to discuss any concerns you have. We will develop an individualized vaccination plan that takes into account your cat’s age, health status, risks of exposure, and previous reactions to vaccines.
Geriatric Examinations – Older cats need special care! Our veterinarian will examine your older cat twice yearly if he/she is over 10 years of age. We will evaluate your cat’s health and behavior and together develop a plan to maximize his/her quality of life. We will pay special attention to those areas important to older cats, including nutrition, arthritis/mobility, decreased vision and hearing, grooming issues, and behavior changes. Appropriate blood and urine evaluation will be discussed, with recommended follow-up care based on these test results. Doppler blood pressure measurement may also be recommended to rule out hypertension (high blood pressure).
Sick Patient Examinations – Has your cat been vomiting a lot lately? Losing weight? Itching? For any non-emergency conditions please call us to schedule an appointment and we will be glad to help! If you feel your cat needs immediate care for severe bleeding, difficulty breathing, recent trauma, extreme lethargy, toxin ingestion, or if you have a male cat that is not urinating, please call MedVet at (614) 846-5800.
Chronic Disease Monitoring – Does your cat have kidney disease, heart problems, hyperthyroidism, allergies, or GI issues? Our veterinarian will take the time to explain your cat’s illness and any recommended diagnostics or treatments. We will discuss multiple options, so we can find the one that works best for your cat, family, schedule, and finances.
Behavior Consultations – Is your cat urinating or defecating outside the litterbox? Do you have multiple cats that don’t get along? Does your cat bite or scratch? There is no better place to evaluate and treat these conditions than in your home. Please call to set up an appointment for an exam and behavioral consult.
Ultrasound – We are pleased to be one of very few house call veterinarians to offer ultrasound services in your home. Ultrasound is a powerful yet non-invasive and painless way to evaluate the abdomen and heart. If a doctor has recommended that your cat have an ultrasound, or if your cat has been diagnosed with a heart murmur, please call us for an appointment!
Minor Grooming Procedures – We have all the tools needed to remove minor matting from your cat’s coat, perform sanitary trims, and trim your cat’s nails.
Euthanasia – It is heartbreaking to be facing the loss of a beloved cat. Euthanasia at home allows your cat to pass in a comfortable, relaxed environment surrounded by his/her family. Our compassionate care will help make a very difficult moment a little easier for all.