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Veterinary Services

Purrfect Care Feline Medical Center is a full-service hospital dedicated to the finest in feline medical care. Below is just a partial list of the services we offer. We encourage you to call with any questions or to schedule a tour – we’d love to show you around our facility!

List of Feline Medical Services

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Wellness Care & Vaccinations

From kittenhood through old age, we know how to help you care for your cat. Our veterinarians and trained staff will advise you on preventive care to help your cat live a long and happy life. Advice on nutrition, vaccinations, dental care, grooming, and prevention of behavior problems is part of our wellness care for every patient. As always, your cat’s care will be individualized and tailored to your family’s needs.

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Sick Patient Care

We know how scary it can be to have a sick cat. With timely appointments and the convenience of drop off services, your cat will be cared for as quickly as possible. Our veterinarians will take the time needed to discuss your concerns, perform a thorough physical exam, and offer their recommendations for diagnostics and treatment based on their many years of experience. Together we will come up with a plan that works best for everyone involved.

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Behavior Consultations

Behavior issues in cats are surprisingly common. If you are experiencing litter box issues, inter-cat aggression, or aggressive behavior towards people please call for an appointment. We want to help!

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Dental Care

The fact is that most cats develop dental disease by the time they are 2 or 3 years old. Dental disease is not just cosmetic – plaque and tartar harbor bacteria that can affect not only the mouth, but also your cat’s internal organs. Dental care is an important part of your cat’s health and longevity. We have years of experience in dentistry, from routine cleanings to full-mouth extractions. Using our brand new digital dental X-ray system, we can evaluate your cat’s mouth quickly and thoroughly to identify and treat any problem areas.

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Our veterinarians have experience with a multitude of soft tissue surgeries including spay/neuter, lump removal, abdominal exploratory, foreign body removal, cystotomy (bladder stone removal), and limb amputation. For orthopedic or more complex soft tissue surgeries, our veterinarians may refer you and your cat to one of the board-certified veterinary surgeons with whom we have developed a trusting relationship.

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With our brand new digital system we can show you your cat’s X-rays within minutes! This helps to speed diagnosis and treatment so your cat can get the best care. Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool because it allows us to visualize important details of your cat’s internal organs in a non-invasive way. Our veterinarians have experience in both abdominal ultrasound and echocardiograms (ultrasounds of the heart).

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It is heartbreaking to be facing the loss of a cherished pet. We are here to help guide you with making that difficult decision and support you through a very emotional time. We also offer in-home euthanasia for those who feel their cat would feel much more comfortable in their home environment.

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House Calls

If your cat is one of the many who gets extremely nervous in the car or in the hospital, consider scheduling a house call. See our house call page for more information.

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Medical Boarding

For those cats who need medication or close supervision while their people are away, we offer medical boarding services in spacious, comfy cat condos in a room with window views and plenty of entertainment for your cat. Please call for more information or a tour of our boarding area!

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Therapy Laser Treatment

Therapy laser treatment involves the use of specific light wavelengths to promote healing. It is painless for your cat and can be used to treat a variety of conditions in cats such as chronic pain, wounds, skin conditions and more. Laser therapy reduces pain, increases blood flow and increases lymph drainage. It is a good adjunct to acupuncture for arthritis patients, and if your cat doesn’t like needle placement, we can laser acupoints instead.